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Over the past several years, I have been busy working on various projects that I thought may be of interest to other large scale model railroading enthusiasts.

One of the most challenging project was Building the Daylight.  It is a live steam locomotive in 1/8" scale (7-1/2" gauge). The wheel arrangement is 4-8-4 which puts it in the Northern class.  The engine is pretty much done except for the detailing.  The Tender is in the same state as the engine, meaning it needs a bit of detailing

Here's some videos of the first steam-up.

Daylight Steam-Up

Daylight First Run



            Here's the Engine before the lettering was done.



This is with the Tender freshly painted (need to get more current pictures with the lettering done)....


So far two passenger cars have been built.  One is a regular passenger car (below) and the other an observation car.  The passenger car is the same as the observation car without the bobtail end. 


 Here's a link to the Observation Car




Some other things that may be of interest are a Gas Switcher, Gondolas, Engine Stand and a few other things. 

Check out the What's New section to see what was recently done.


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